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As part of George Higham's piece on Diablerie in Horror and Monster Modeller we are making this stereoscopic image (anaglyph) available for download. Click here.


Published! Horror and Monster Modeller.

Horror and Monster Modeller, an all-new 144-page book featuring a wicked array of chilling hobby projects.
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Features 15 images taken from 2013's
Sci-fi & fantasy modeller.

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Sci-fi and fantasy modeller Volume 45

Publishing April - the latest issue of Sci-fi & fantasy modeller - Volume Forty-Five - will sadly be our last.

Pre-order deadline for Volume 45 has now been reached and we are not accepting any further orders for this final volume.

Thank you, everyone, for pre-ordering. Volume 45 is now at the printers and will be sent out mid April.

We hope our titles have brought pleasure to you over the years and that you will continue to enjoy sci-fi modelling as a rewarding and inspiring hobby.

Sci-fi & fantasy modeller volume 45
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Here's just a taste of what Volume Forty Five readers will be getting their hands on...

  • Studio 2 large scale Stingray X-20 sub build!
  • Creating the Talon space-freighter build - Steve Howarth original!
  • Eleven-foot NCC-1701 history conclusion!
  • Gotham:1888 - props, miniatures, more!
  • Moebius Robin build!
  • The Secret Service diorama!
  • Space:1999 Eagle Hangar build!