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As part of George Higham's piece on Diablerie in Horror and Monster Modeller we are making this stereoscopic image (anaglyph) available for download. Click here.


Published! Horror and Monster Modeller.

Horror and Monster Modeller, an all-new 144-page book featuring a wicked array of chilling hobby projects.
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Features 15 images taken from 2013's
Sci-fi & fantasy modeller.

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September 13, 2016...

...A massive explosion of Space:1999 modelling rocks the world! Mark this date in your diary, because this is the day we publish:



* Alpha! * Eagles! * Hawks! * Swift! * Moon Buggies!
* Alpha Tanks! * Ultra Probe! * Gwent! * Stun Gun!
* Comlock! * Original studio miniatures!
* Original studio spacesuit! * More Eagles!

Plus much, much more!

Following the success of our recent Modelling the Eagle special, we are delighted to present an even more exciting large format Space:1999 modelling extravaganza featuring more pages and hundreds of exclusive photographs!

100 pages. A4 format. £8.99

Pre-order your copy now for immediate despatch on day of publication (mid-September) or simply order from the box below!

Modelling: 1999
ISBN:  978-0-9930320-9-7 | pre-order
100 pages.

TOTAL: £10.99 (inclusive of £2.00 postage to UK)
TOTAL: £13.99 (inclusive of £5.00 postage to EEC)
TOTAL: £14.99 (inclusive of £6.00 postage to USA/Rest of World)


Sci-fi and fantasy modeller Volume 42

Sci-fi & fantasy modeller volume 42
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  • pic6
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Announcing volume Forty-Two of Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller, the globe’s only dedicated sci-fi hardware modelling title, bursting at the seams with imaginative projects and high quality photography! Volume Forty-Two is certain to tempt SF modellers everywhere with its heady mix of upcoming release news, pre-release test-shot builds, step-by-step scratchbuilding projects and kit conversions and upgrades. Here’s just a small snapshot of the irresistible features lined up for this issue:

  • Museum quality, studio scale classic Galactica scratchbuild!
  • Moebius Raptor - exclusive test-shot build!
  • Bandai C-3PO and R2-D2 kits.
  • Blade Runner tribute movie - props/costumes/spinners!
  • Space:1999 Comlock and Stun Gun kits!
  • Superman Krypton ship scratchbuild!
  • Temple Of Doom mine cart project!
  • Lighting and correcting AMT’s Romulan Bird Of Prey!
  • Thing from Another World diorama!
  • Stingray Terror Fish and launch stand!

…Plus much, much more!


Click here to order today or directly below...

Sci-fi & fantasy modeller volume 42
ISBN:  978-0-9930320-7-3 | stocked
100 pages.

TOTAL: £17.45 (inclusive of £2.50 postage to UK)
TOTAL: £19.45 (inclusive of £4.50 postage to EEC)
TOTAL: £20.95 (inclusive of £6.00 postage to USA/Rest of World)


Vol 24



Announcing the ultimate Eagle publication for modellers and fans alike - a lavish, profusely illustrated, highly informative 84-page magazine devoted entirely to this most iconic of fictional spacecraft in all its incarnations!

Check-out Modelling the Eagle's must-read features:

  • Brian Johnson interviewed by Mat Irvine!
  • The full production story behind the new MPC 22-inch kit!
  • Building the new 22-inch kit!
  • Building and converting MPC's 12-inch Eagle!
  • Building MPC's deluxe lab pod 12-inch Eagle!
  • Rogue Studio's 44-inch replica Eagle!
  • Jim Small recalls a forty-year love affair with the Eagle!
  • David Sisson's meticulous restoration of the original Eagle 1 studio miniature - a much sought after feature, out of print since issue 9 of Sci-fi & fantasy modeller!
  • Converting a 23-inch Eagle!

Featuring hundreds of exclusive photographs, Modelling the Eagle can be ordered from us right here, right now...